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Our Generator connects directly to PaysafeCard Codes Database, and with the help of our high-end algorithms, finds an unused gift card code for the card you chose.

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Free PaysafeCard Codes

Paysafecard method of payment is a relatively new method which is swiftly making its way to the top. For those of you who don't know how paysafecard works, let us elaborate.

Paysafecard has released a feature which allows you to track down the nearest sales outlet to your location. After acquiring its location you will then go there, pay cash for the paysafecard code in an amount of 10, 25, 50 or 100 dollars and get a receipt in exchange. On this receipt you will find a 16 digit pin which you will redeem on one of the thousand websites which support paysafecard method of payment.

As it is relatively new, the system that protects these codes is not all that great, because of this, someone broke into their system and created a paysafecard generator which comes up with the codes that are already in traffic. This means that the generator doesn't come up with the codes, but basically uses the ones they already created. By checking out an amount of 10, 25, 50, or 100 dollars and clicking generate code you will find yourself in a possession of paysafecard code of that amount.

This is a huge deal. You will be able to create any amount of these codes and you will be able to redeem them anywhere, where they support paysafecard.

If you're a gamer there are numerous things you can do with these free paysafecard codes. You can buy skins or champions in League of Legends, you can pay for browser games like Die Siedler online, Drakensang Online, Combat Arms, Aion and many many more. But it doesn't stop there, there are websites that offer services for certain games like MMOGA that also support paysafecard. By generating paysafecard codes for free you will be able to use their services for free.

If games aren't what interests you and you're more of a romantic soul, there are numerous dating websites on which you will also be able to redeem paysafecard codes.

Some of these websites are Be Sugar, D8U, Generation Love, Gleeden and many, many more.

But it doesn't stop there, paysafecard made its way into VoIP, telephony and messaging.

By using paysafecard generator you will be able to generate free paysafecard codes which you can redeem on, let's say, Skype. With an unlimited access to paysafecard codes, you can easily disconnect all your other means of communication, generate free codes and pay for Skype credits. Having credits on Skype will allow you to communicate with anyone, anywhere, and by having free codes you will ultimately have free communication.

You're maybe wondering, is there an end to all the possibilities you can unlock by downloading this generator, well, there is, but we're not even close to naming all of them.

Among all other we will just name one more - entertainment. Paysafecard has made partners with numerous companies like Spotify, Hitbox, TS3MusicBot and VOD. By generating free paysafecard codes you will be able to pay for music, films and tv shows. No more paying for netflix, no more paying to download a song from ITunes. Simply generate a code, redeem it and enjoy whichever form of entertainment you desire.

After reading all of this, We are sure you are more than willing to give it a try. After spreading the word to all of our friends and families, we have decided to make this public and allow everyone to enjoy free paysafecard codes like we do. So just follow the instructions on how to download the generator and how to generate a code and enter the world full of new possibilities.